Sunday, August 4, 2013

Relaxed Curly Fro: What's Your Color Inspiration this Summer?

If you've ever had one of those days when you feel like wearing a flirty, fun-loving, summer dress, then you're in good company. Maxi dresses, flowy sundresses, simple yet sexy dresses are running the show this summer. Don't you miss out! My day-to-day experiences even seem more fun when I break out a favorite summer dress.

I love the fullness of the model's hair. It looks like a roller set done on relaxed hair. I like the carefree curls. My roller sets used to be too organized. Either that, or I would comb out the curls so I could wear my hair straight with a little curve. Didn't make much sense.

What's your summer dress style? You got love for the maxi dresses? T's got her eyes on the old navy summer maxi dress (in black). I ordered one online for her. She excitedly ripped open the delivery and couldn't wait to take pictures. Such a diva.
Summertime Curly Girls are often spotted with their curls on display. I couldn't tell you where the flat iron is. Oh, and my blow dryer broke. I just did a trim on myself--I think it came out good..but we will see soon.

I love this little number (left), best used as a cover up when you're poolside. Nice lush, vibrant lime yellow color that wakes up the complexion, and definitely provides color inspiration.

I saw this beautiful maxi dress (right) from Calvin Klein with tie dye fabric & strappy criss cross detail. I love the floor length. The blues compliment most skin tones, and the empire waist ensures a curvy display. Soft Summer materials used on this high end item. Gotta love Summer!


  1. Wow what cute dresses! That white and blue one is gorgeous! And you look amazing.. I love your curly hair with you pictured in black.. that's beautiful. I love how maxi dresses look on taller women. I feel I am too short of all of that! lol.

    1. Hey Chan! That's so funny, you know that picture in the black maxi dress? That's T LOL! It's okay, she's my little twin :o)

  2. Okay just noticed that both dresses were blue! I'm referring to the longer one that looks turquoise, that's beautiful. But for my height I may be better matched with the stripped one!

  3. I love maxi dresses!
    Ohmigosh! Are you sure T's your daughter and not your sister (twin)? You guys look so alike!
    Oh! And I love the dress she's wearing.