Friday, September 27, 2013

Accessories For Textured Hair: The Coily Hair Edition

  Hair accessories really do add a "spin" on the typical day to day styling options. In my accessory drawer, I have lots of broken banana clips, 2 flexi 8 barrettes (LOVE THEM), and some hair combs (those little ones that pull back thick hair nicely). I also have lots of bobby pins, a few interesting headbands, lots of scunci's to put my hair in ponytails. These are all great, but they scream "regular hair day".

Nothing says "celeb" hair day like hair jewelry. I love these chain/comb hair jewelry pieces because you can do so much with them. I'm still experimenting, but so far so good. They are really just adornments and for eye candy only because they definitely don't hold back thick, coily hair well. They simply just stick in and stay.
Here, I played with it on Dimples--she loved it. I haven't had the chance to wear it yet, but I plan to--and will post. When I put this up on Our Facebook Page,  we got lots of questions about the item. I didn't recall where (specifically) I had gotten this, but I recently found another source to purchase it (will link it below).


Imagine Placing this atop a Twistout!

 I love the flexi 8 because it holds lots of hair--exactly where you want it to stay. Friday I just let my hair do whatever it planned to do, so here I used the flexi 8 to put it off to the side some. Just a very whimsical, carefree look.

I'm always on Amazon looking for an eye-catching piece of hair jewelry that I won't normally find at the mall. The prices are right, and there are a few pieces that are great quality and hand made craftmanship. Some of the pieces that I love are linked in this post!

Which hair jewelry pieces do you use? Remember, sharing is caring LOL!

------------------------------as usual, stay beautiful! --------tia


  1. Hey Tia ! We really miss you on youtube ! Hope that you and the girls are doing great

    1. Hey Love! See you on there soon :o) Thanks for the love. We truly appreciate it