Monday, October 7, 2013

Curly Hair and Hops and Beer: The Coily Hair Edition

Styling After a Beer Rinse

Always ready to try something natural and new to put on my hair. Most of the time, I see the results right away! Check it, I LOVE putting liquefied avocado (blended with mayo and olive oil) on my hair. The immediate results are shine, define, condition, and long lasting moisture infusion.

Here, I played with beer. Yes, I said Beer! What's so natural about beer, you ask? Aside from any synthetic additions to this beverage, the basic ingredients of an average beer is water, malted barley, Brewers Yeast, and Hops (different regions will vary the sources of these basic beer ingredients--hence, the different beers such as Guinness, Pilsner, Heineken, etc).

What I hope to get from my beer (rinse):

I used a basic beer --one with less ingredients did me just fine. I also used a non-alcoholic beer (to eliminate alcohol's suspiciously drying nature). I used my beer as a rinse. What's the purpose of a rinse? Well, I consider a rinse to provide an immediate physical change. There's rinses that effect color (immediately), so this one I expect to provide quick coil definition, and luster.

I want to use the protein found in beer (about 1.7g in a regular can of beer). I want to use the Hops as an antibacterial/cleanser for my coils. Some say that the alcohol provides shine, works as a cleanser, and leaves hair soft--I say it may be drying, so my beer of choice was most def NON ALCOHOLIC.

 I want to use the brewers yeast as a cleanser. I remember when I was still 'trying' to breastfeed Dimples, my body wasn't producing enough milk. Despite me eating well, drinking lots of water, I wasn't proving to be a plentiful source of milk for the little one. Her doctor encouraged me to use brewers yeast (it comes in pill form) to encourage milk production. He even said that one beer a day would provide the necessary source of brewers yeast, and it wouldn't hurt the little one. That was just a side note on brewers yeast and it's natural presence in beer.

Well, well, well, isn't that everything that this coily haired Vixen (LOL) is always looking to achieve (each and every wash day).

Background History:
I've done a beer wash in the past. I remember getting nice coil definition. The beer rinse refreshed my coils. I think I used it after other products, though, so I can't really say what caused the coils to spring into action. This time around, I will use ONLY the beer (and my oils to seal). I currently have NO OTHER PRODUCTS on my hair but a mix of OILS. Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil. That's fine, because I will never go without oils on my hair if I have anything to do with the matter.

 Long Story Short. Love it. Immediate coil springage. Great foundation for most styling options (braidouts, twists outs, wash n go's). 
Not so sure about using the beer rinse before a flat iron or blow dry session. I will only do the beer rinse with oil (when did I put oils? Before the rinse and after the rinse). I am an oil fanatic. There's never a bad time for oils.

Hmm, I wonder what my next post will be about.........


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