Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Permanent Fix to Dry Dull Falling Out Hair: Another Coily Hair Edition

When we first adopted this big baby, we were told to feed him only pebbles (dry dog food). I forget the name brand, but whatever it was--he wasn't having it. He refused to eat, and his bowl stayed untouched for days. Once in a while, he would eat 3 pebbles (just to stay alive). This went on for about 3 days, and we couldn't bear to see him walk around hungry. His veterinarian insisted that we "hold firm" until he realizes that he has to eat it--but we gave in. We started mixing some dry white rice in with his pebbles, and then he began to eat. During the time that he didn't eat, his beautiful fur that we love to run our hands through, became dry and brittle. It lost it's luster and was actually falling out! The picture shown above (in the grass) is the after-effects of him deciding not to eat his dry food. Dry, dull, falling out fur.

The picture to the right (on the carpet) is when he decides to be nice and eat. We are still mixing in rice and chicken with his dry food, but it's a good compromise. His hair is notably more shiny, lustrous, and is not falling out (besides the normal shedding).  Look at how quickly his malnourishment effected his hair health! We may not see our effects as quickly, but it definitely shows itself eventually. Reaching for that magic cure bottle in the beauty aisle is not going to be a permanent fix.

Jamba Juice vs Homemade Organic Ingredients
I'm told that the hair is one of the last to receive nourishment when the body is starving. Hair and nails are reportedly not as high in rank of importance as compared to the other major organs within the body. The body extremely complex, and knows very well how to take care of itself. However, it needs nourishment that we will get from our food. Eating foods that provide little to no nourishment are well known to deliver the same effect as not eating at all. The main difference is that eating vs not eating at all will definitely be the key to staying alive. But staying alive in WHAT condition?

This post serves to share my simple thought of the day. Diet and Hair are closely related. Diet effects the hair--good diet, bad diet, or no diet. When I use the term diet, I am referring to "what is consumed".  If your struggle is dry, damaged, breaking, falling hair, it would be wise to review what is being consumed, and you may find that adjustments are needed. Just Remember: it will not be a "quick fix", but it is typically a fix with substance. This means that it will serve the body well in addition to the hair, and the correction will not rinse out at your next wash day--because the repair is from within.

Although Jamba Juice is Quick, I Prefer My Blends (less sugar)
 A great place to start the search would be within the grocer's produce department. Are you getting enough leafy greens and colorful fruits? They provide most of the necessary vitamins and nutrients that the body requires to function at it's maximum capability. I love to blend fruits and veggies together to make a sweet and healthy shake for breakfast. That may not provide enough calories (which equals energy), so I may have that in addition to something a bit heavier.

Either way, take a lesson from Zodi the Big Baby, and don't starve your body of it's required nourishment. If that was the outcome for his hair, I can only imagine the strain that his organs were enduring! Don't forget to check with your doctor before starting any major changes to your food consumption. Everyone's needs are different, but one thing remains the same--nourishment is a must.
I may have decided to make changes to my eating habits mainly for my skin and hair....but one thing I notice is that my body has said "thanks".

For those of you that blend...........WHAT DO YOU THROW IN YOUR BLENDER???

SHARING IS CARING...................................................stay beautiful.     --tia


  1. Green juices! Ohmigosh! I've been itching to have more of those!
    My fav. things to blend were fresh spinach leaves with some fresh ginger, slightly frozen fresh pineapple chunks and a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Yum! yum! yummy-yum-yum! :)
    While I was drinking green juices daily during the summer, my hair was in tip-top shape. Shiny, soft, manageable, cooperating with me 99% of the time, growing pretty well, healthy, less shedding, et cetera.
    Body-wise, I was WAY more energetic and I felt better because I was getting a lot of iron in my system (I tend to be iron-deficient (anaemic)).

    1. Like I always knew, you are extremely wise beyond your years! At your age, I was gulping down sodas :( I love that recipe you just gave. My favorite is the same, except--instead of ginger, I always put an apple in. Energy like crazy, you're definitely right.

  2. :)
    I used to add apples in too, but it made the juice way thicker and I've never been much of a fan of apples. The ginger in the juice is amazing, though!
    I'm like jumping off the walls (not literally) with all the energy I get from it.

  3. I throw in unsalted peanuts, blue berries, cranberries, raspberries.

    1. That sounds delicious Lisa. Can't wait to try it (especially the peanuts--I never thought of adding that).

  4. I bought a juicer last week and having been loving it!!Kale,carrots,pineapples,and a pear does wonders for me.

    1. Gotta love that juicer! Lots to clean up though, that's why I shelved mine. I can get lazy sometimes. The blender is quick to clean. That recipe sounds like a wonder juice. I can definitely jump on that pear vibe.

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