Thursday, May 8, 2014


This post is for those of you babies who have ever wondered "how she get her hair so BIG?"
I see the tumbler pictures of the girls with the big, curly, luscious coils. I know that they have a cut (most of the time). I personally refuse to cut my hair right now. Only because I don't have a hair stylist I can trust with a pair of scissors. I don't feel like being on the news right now, okay?

That being said, I will show you how I use texture creation, and (sometimes) a blow dryer to create VOLUME, AND LAYERS:

  1. Start with cleansed (not shampooed) hair. Moisture MUST BE intact.
  2. On an old (or new) wash n go (or curls defined) MOISTURE MUST BE INTACT, separate hair into sections of anywhere between 4-8.
  3. With a spray bottle (of water and oil, or just plain water), lightly mist each section and braid.
  4. Leave this overnight, and take down each section.
  5. Fluff and go -OR-
  6. Take down each section and blow dry lightly (no blow drying the ends).
How do you achieve layers? Through the use of the blow dryer. The sections that you blow dry will stretch and show length. The sections that you do not blow dry will not show as much length.

I like to layer my hair by blow drying the back sections, and barely blow dry (or not) the front sections. This will create a layered look. This is where creativity comes into play. Just decide how much (or how little) you will blow dry based on your personal style preferences.

(left) Curls Defined (No Volume)     (right) Curls Defined (Volume)

With this process, I'm able to keep the coil definition, but stretch it by way of texture creation (the braids). This is not a braidout, but yet a combination of braidout plus coils. You will see the different coil pattern that you can achieve by this process.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to blow dry as a final means to the volume process, you will not be able to wear this style for much longer. The blow drying process tends to remove lots of moisture, and in effect will cause a bit of dryness. Dry hair does NOT hold style or definition for long. I only blow dry when I'm planning on a "night out" and want maximum length with my volume. However, I do so love the volume that I get from simply braiding on a moisturized curl-definition.

Hope this post was helpful. This process simply adds more versatility to my hair styling arsenal. It's a guaranteed way to add volume to your coils!

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