Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Recipe for Bright and Shiny SUMMER Curls that POP: The Coily Hair Edition

Hey Babies! 

T and I were getting ready for a day out together, and both decided to "define our curls". I won't say wash n go because it's a little bit more involved that an actual "wash and go", but less work than defining each and every coil (and trust me, I've seen it done).

After our day hanging out together, we pretty much wore our curls for the next 3-4 days. During those days, I was stopped at least 5-6 times (by random ladies) with this question: "excuse me, what do you put on your hair to make it look like that?" Of course I have to ask what it looks like--because this hair texture is second nature to me and T by now, we don't know what anyone is talking about LOL!

Most of the ladies explained that they want to know how to get their hair so "curly" (defined), shiny and stretched out. Okay, so I ended up writing down what I use so that they could go buy these products (either for themselves or for their daughter).

That's when I had to wonder....did I ever write down our "recipe" for the curl definition process that we do here on Angel's Ringlets? You know I am always saying "sharing is caring", and stuff like that. I don't want to fail you now--especially now that we get CONSISTENT results--and this is a hair texture that we can rely on to work out exactly how we expect, and to be LONG LASTING. 

So please find below--our official "RECIPE" and "TECHNIQUE" for curl definition that you can count on time and time again. The only thing we ask is that you don't blame me or T if you keep getting stopped in the streets by folks wanting to know "how did you get your hair to look like that" LOL!



Wash Thoroughly (with a non-drying cleanser). We LOVE Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water. Condition Properly (try to keep it "clean). Minimize products with silicones that coat the hair. We LOVE Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner. Check out this list of our favorite products (It only took us 4 years to narrow it down)!

  • Detangle Properly. At times we finger detangle (the hair will be less pliable). Most times we use a paddle brush.
  •  T Likes to leave a little coat of an all natural conditioner on her hair--to start. I find that is okay, as long as it's not too much conditioner. Conditioner WILL start to flake in a day or 2. 
  • WE use a thick buttery (Shea, mango, etc) product that is whipped with oils. Sometimes we make our own mixture..or we use a commercial product. For example, I like to use Nourish and Shine (Jane Carter) to thoroughly coat my hair. 
  • Next we use a water based product filled with natural moisture. I can't list an actual product name, because right now--we use anything we have in the cabinet. The point is to coat the hair (with natural conditioning leave in moisture).
  • Finally, we use Eco Styler Gel (that is the official gel of our house) LOL! We (well T) has tried almost all of the colors. I opt to stick with the clear (no dyes needed). 
  • I usually wrap up with the Shea Moisture Flax Seed Curl defining product (I know I said the name wrong--but you know what I mean). It doesn't define my curls--but it's great at minimizing frizz. It's nice and oily--so that is a plus.
I published a video a few months ago showing exactly how I layer these products, and how I decide on the products based on the ingredients.

So, until next post--keep US posted on how you define your curls for the Summer! Let's face it--humidity plus beaches=perfect day for curls, coils, and anything lucky enough to wrap itself around our fingers.

---Love Ya!!

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Tia (and T, of course)


  1. Hey, Tia. I love your posts. They are always so thoughtful and informative. Iwas wondering if length retention is one of the objectives of how you care for your hair and that of your girls. If so, it seems that you and your daughters wear your hair in loose styles quite often. I am wonder what measures you take to maintain healthy hair and retain length or at least keep breakage at bay. Do you still employ protective styling? If so, how often? I'd like to know. Thanks,

    1. Thanks Queen! Length retention comes as a by-product of moisture retention and careful manipulation. Yeah, we wear our hair loose alot LOL! But if it's dry, we ball it up into a bun and wait until we can moisturize. Wear nothing but thoroughly moisturized braidouts/twistouts/wash n go's, and there's nothing to worry about by way of breakage. Moisture has been guaranteed with the elimination of harsh shampoos, and the use of "clean" conditioning INGREDIENTS, not necessarily products. I've been terribly bad by way of protective styling. Gonna flat iron in a few weeks and see what my ends look like, but I still recognize growth (big time), so something's probably working LOL! Thanks for the message--I appreciate the encouragement. --Tia

  2. Thanks Tia. I loved this post. I always wondered how you got the curls sooi defined. I will definitely be following this recipe. I have only been following you all for a year and it has helped me alot.

    1. Heyyy Anissa! Thanks Love, we appreciate the message.

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  3. Thanks so much for replying to my question. Schedule permitting, I plan to be the wash and go Queen this spring and summer. Pointers from hair bloggers like you and Elle (Quest for the Perfect Curl) have given me what I need to really come up the curve on wearing more than the typical two strand twists that have been a mainstay of my hair care regimen the past five years. I'm really excited to try something new.

  4. for the summer I'm doing WnGs again and I think I found my perfect combo: Finger detangle soaking wet hair with SM Curl Enhancing Smoothing and then freeze curls in place with Aussie Moist Instant Freeze gel.

    1. The Aussie Moist Freeze Gel is good? I might want to try it. I just fell in love with their conditioners.

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