Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Avoid STRAIGHT UP FOOLISHNESS in the Salon: Coily Hair Edition

It's been about 2 years since WE last stepped into a hair dressing salon (or whatever they like to call it these days). And I have soon to find out that the story will never change.

So T and I decided to skip on the blow dryer this time around, and go to the Dominican Salon and get our hair roller set. We would enjoy a nice scalp rub (the wash), get a little conditioning treatment, and then have the famous wet set at a local Dominican salon (name to be withheld) LOL!

When I called on the phone to make the appointment, I let the stylist know that I would be getting a wash and roller set. I advised her that my hair is "tightly curled". She acknowledged that she has "done natural hair before", and it's no problem.

When we (T & I) arrived at the salon, it seemed to be a different matter--especially in regards to my hair. She asked me if I was sure that my hair is able to lay down on the rollers. I let her know that I've been to a few Dominican salons, where they've laid down my hair on the big rollers, and my hair ends up sleek and straight after the roller set alone.

She looked dubious, but continued on anyways.

Now here's where the problem always begins: She didn't know how to detangle my hair without breakage. My ends were snapping, popping, flying everywhere. She was detangling my hair with a wide tooth comb--and she thought that would solve my detangling woe's. Truth be told, I don't have detangling woe's. My hair is easily detangled with a paddle brush so long as it has been properly conditioned.

So here's my dilemma, do I say anything--or do I let her continue to destroy my hair--and all of the progress that I've made so far? What would you do?


--find out what I DID DO.
--let me know what YOU WOULD DO (Or have done)
--More dramas from the salon. Next post to outline some ways to avoid the drama if you decide to even visit a salon


  1. I keep checking your site for the second installment of your story.

    1. Hey Queen! It's UP lol! A Bit frustrating to write without putting my frustration with the whole industry out there. If you can think of a good hair salon experience, please let me know! Restore a little faith for me :o)

  2. I'm a DIY gal when it comes to my hair. LOL. I know all too well how a few minutes can undo several years of progress. The risks far outweigh the rewards when it comes to salon care. But if I come across someone really good, I'll let you know.

  3. Both of your hair looks gorgeous but yeah that popping would have had me pissed! I'm with Queenbee on the DiY hair thing lol. However, as you mentioned in your post, if I were to go to a salon, I'd definitely wash detangle and condition my own hair! i did it once and the lady said you still have to pay the same price. And??? I didn't ask for all that.

  4. This is very nice blog. There are many people who give different look their hair and to do this they go to the women salon and there beautician applied lots of chemical on their hair which makes hair rough.


  5. I love this blog I have the same coily curly hair type as you and I went to a Dominican salon weeks and she spent five hours on my hair . She kept complaining that I had such tight curls all I wanted was a roller set well she roller set blow dryed and flat ironed and as soon as I stepped outside my hair went poof .Uugh it was a hot mess never again will I go back .

  6. The last time I visited a salon, I think, was 2009. I have become an ex-salonee because of stories like this. You asked what I would do faced with a non-skilled stylist ripping through my hair for lack of detangling technique. The question for me is not would I do but instead what DID I do. I heard one pop and one snap in quick succession and I grabbed the fine tooth comb from his silly hands. I pulled my own wide tooth comb from my purse and proceeded to detangle my own hair. I didn't care that that stylist's mouth had fallen open. He apparently was shocked that I had the audacity to take the comb from him or maybe he was suprised at how easily I could detangle my own hair. I don't know but there was NO WAY, I was going to sit and listen to my hair sing the Rice Krispies song!