Transitioning Hair Tricks Galore

Two Strand Twists on Transitioning Hair!
Happy With My Transitioning Hair Two Strand Twists!


I totally remember watching YouTube videos and lusting after two strand twists for many months. I wanted to do them so bad, but I was still working with my transitioning hair. I transitioned for 15 months.

It seemed almost impossible thanks to my bone straight relaxed hair. I would play around with my natural hair and twist it up. It showed so much potential! While my relaxed hair would lay limp and didn't care about all my twisting.

I remember it was a Saturday (my hair day then). I thought long and hard and decided to try a technique for my transitioning hair that would look good and keep hold. I will share that with you in this post.

1) You Will Need Your Hair Cleaned and Conditioned 
2) Heat Protectant of Choice
3) Blow Dry Using the TENSION METHOD (Using some tension with a tool or your hands to stretch your coils while blow drying quickly up and down the shaft. Not in an effort to achieve bone straight hair, but simply to stretch the coils)

  • Blow dry the natural/unprocessed hair (while damp) on WARM/MEDIUM SETTING slightly to a less puffy state. 
  • Blow dry the relaxed hair (while damp) on COLD AIR. You are looking to achieve a puffed out texture from your relaxed hair. The cold air will help the relaxed hair to expand to puffiness that will appear similar to the blow dried natural hair.
4) Apply a thick consistency product. NOT WATER BASED. (I used a Shea Butter mixture)  This will help to hold the twists together.

This is a guide to achieving a consistent texture of hair on a head of hair that has 2 different textures. The use of cold air on relaxed hair is used to puff the relaxed hair and make it appear to have texture. The use of warm air on the natural hair is used to stretch out some of the coils, but not make it dead straight. You still want texture in both portions, because it's the TEXTURE that makes two strand twists so BEAUTIFUL! 

Two Strand Twists on Transitioning Hair
Two Strand Twists/ Transitioning Hair STYLED

Washing/Conditioning Transitioning Hair: Prep for 2 Strand Twists
It's important that you use your judgement regarding your blow dry usage. Different coil patterns and different relaxed/texlaxed hair conditions will be very important when determining how much heat/cold air to use to achieve 1 similar texture on your transitioning hair.


DO NOT WET YOUR TWO STRAND TWISTS! Twists done on transitioning hair can not withstand water. The natural hair will revert back to coily, and the relaxed hair will revert back to limp. This is definitely a style that you wear when you don't plan to have your hair around water!


It helps to part your hair at a slant (diagonal) when doing your twists (especially when working with finer hair). This will help the hair to cover any parts below it. If the parts are not "staggered", you get a  sort of "spaceship" look.

Transitioning Hair that has just been cut/trimmed  will not hold well. If the hair ends are BLUNT, they will unravel--even with this method. If you just got a trim or cut, you will need to wait a few weeks before doing your twists :(


love tia.


  1. im really glad you made a transitioning corner! it helps alot! im in kinda of a dillema here: i have 8 months of transitioning hair and im enjoying my new growth/coils,i just want to cut my relaxed ends and work only with my coils but i look terrible with short hair so i will do long transition even tho i want to cut my relaxer ends right away...

  2. Follow your head. You will know when you're ready. I doubt that you would look terrible with short hair. Just have fun! I cut at 15 months, when I was determined to cut at 2 years. A whole 9 months ahead of schedule LOL. I was really happy that I cut, even though my hair was shorter than usual. Look through shorter length natural hairstyles and see if you find styles you will love...good to hear from you. I sent you a message a few days ago

  3. yes im goin to follow my going to college next year and im probably gonna study abroad,since im finally learning how to work with my transitioning hair,im gonna stick with it a lil longer cuz my life is about to get a big twist sended me a message? strange... i didnt got anything, hope my account hasnt been hacked again.

  4. I love ur videos and this site is very helpful. It will be 6 months for me transitioning in december and I must say I love my thick and full hair. It seems so much healthier and its growing very well.I dont really like gels and jam doesnt seem to work as well as it used to on my edges. What would u recommend I try?

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  6. Hello! I recently subscribed to your Youtube videos and I want to say thank you. I have reviewed quite a few Youtube videos concerning transitioning and I feel that your videos came across so well. I feel as if there was nothing you did not cover. I mean you even went as far as using cassia on your hair and that is definitely something I am interested in doing. I have been struggling a while with deciding how I would go back to natural hair. I had a fear of going cold turkey so I decided to try "texlaxing". I experimented once and learned that my hair texture differs in the front and back. Being relaxed so long I did no even think that was possible. I have spoken with a few women who are natural, joined a few blogs and watched many tutorials. I have made the decision today to no longer relax my hair and start this journey to go back to natural. You are a truly an inspiriation to me. I also love how you incorporated your girls in your videos. I want to try those things on my 6 year old neice. Once again thank you and job well done!!.

    1. Hey Kim! Thanks much for the message. Congratulations on your transitioning...have fun with it! Great time to get to know those coils. We appreciate you :o) --tia

    2. I am really inspired by your videos and this blog. I am trying to help my 11 yr olds hair grow, she's never has chemicals but her hair is so fragile and has a lot of breakage. Should I do 2 strand twist on her wet or dry hair? What would you put on the hair as far as products ? I see you recommend products if you are transitioning. Thanks so much !!!

  7. Hey Meka, thanks for the love! 2 strand twists are excellent for growth and avoiding breakage (less manipulation, less breakage). Before twisting up, try to figure out why her hair is breaking. Is it breaking at the ends only? There are lots of reasons for breakage. Her hair being fragile is an indication that it may benefit from a protein treatment. But be careful when deciding if products that you are currently using have protein. Protein over-use can also cause breakage. Yes, it can get a bit tricky. I love to do twists on damp, moisturized and sealed hair. Especially when looking to put a stop to breakage. In that instance, sealing in moisture could very well be a solution to breakage. Keeping the twists in for long term? Then be sure to properly moisturize during that time. Don't be afraid to co-wash those twists! I do have a post on the products that we currently use (it's really basic and simple) Hope this helps:

  8. hi i really love your videos and blog and i am very inspired how you and your daughter transition. i am transitioning its been 7 months post perm my hair is fine and a bit fragile due to breakage many transitioners told me to find a good to go shampoo and conditions and keep my hair moisturized i cut my hair short to keep rid of alot of dead that i didnt need so now my hair is about shoulder length so i need some tips because im a little lost. also i wanted to know whats good products . but over some months i got box braids to grow my haie

  9. d play around with my natural hair and twist it up. ...