Friday, October 14, 2011

African American Boys Merge Fashion With Their Natural Hair

Maintain Style with Lengthy Afro Textured Hair--Boys Too!
African American Men and Healthy Hair Growth
Looking like a million bucks without too much effort is what it's all about these days! Simple braided style on natural hair pairs real well with the right seasonal attire. You've got enough going on with school and don't need the added hassle of daily hair maintenance. Now don't get me wrong, these braids require moisture daily. Simply use your favorite leave in moisturizer alongside some water in a spray bottle, add some jojoba oil, and spritz your hair daily. This will combat dryness that is often caused by day to day sun exposure, and normal daily wear n tear. These low fuss braids compliment pretty much any outfit. Throw on a simple t shirt by Obey, paired with jeans--put your books in a backpack from Baggu--out the door. No fuss, no muss. When keeping it simple just looks good.


  1. My dad makes my brother cut his hair till you can't guess he has curly hair, but ever since my brother moved out, he's been growing his hair out, but like, he doesn't have the time or patience to get his hair twisted, braided or something (plus he can't do it himself, tried with my hair once and tangled it lol). When he decided to let his hair be for a while, he just stops combing it, but it tends to look messed up after some days (he doesn't even finger comb). However, once he visits, my dad gets his hair cut again!
    Honestly, my brother doesn't know how to care for his hair, I offered to help him when he was over for a few weeks, but he said, 'no.' So...well...we need to help guys out with this and let them know how to take care of their hair.
    My dad's not curly, but how I get him to take proper care of his hair and stop getting harsh stuff on it is to tell him that he'll slowly go bald (or he's balding). That scares him lol. Makes him care for his hair though, so it's both funny and good! I'm so nice! lol :)

    1. @Samantha Hey Love! You're definitely a sweet sister and daughter!!! Your brother might grow dreads if he keeps doing what he's doing LOL!! Why won't he let you help him? LOL @ you tell your Dad he's going to go bald hahaha that's funny. That's nice you help them out though, these guys need lots of help LOL! Thanks for the message Sweetie Pie ;o)