Monday, November 28, 2011

Quick & Cute Styling Solution For Little Girls Hair!

Dimples has made big progress since she cut off all of her plaits about 18 months ago. Yeah you heard right. She cut off about 4'' off of each of her hanging loose box plaits when she was about 4 years old. It was just one of those things. Since then, I've been battling with different length hair (some of her hair sections are about 16'' long, while some are about 6'' long. This poses no immediate problems, but I was forced to continuously trim her hair to avoid breakage in places where there wasn't enough hair density for the section to avoid breakage. The term "strength in numbers" is real accurate! 


So when sending her to the grandparents this holiday, I decided to avoid any hair drama. I realize that my mother hasn't dealt with natural hair since I was a little girl, and she's not very open to any new ways to comb or handle natural hair. Especially from me! So if you're a mommy in the same predicament, make everyone's life simple by doing a lasting style for travel to the grandparents. 

She doesn't want to hear what Big Sis has to Say!

Part at a Diagonal to Avoid Showing Spaces Between Twists

Two Strand Twists and Flat Twists on Natural Hair

Jane Carter Shine & Define adds a Beautiful Sheen

Hats are Great Accessories to Most Outfits!

It's a simple style that looks like you spent hours. The styling time for this was about 1 hour (snacks and a movie included). I did my twists not small, and not large (medium I guess :o)

  • I used Jane Carter Shine & Define for moisturizer. 

  • I did about 8 flat twists from the hairline to the ears. I began styling by placing that horizontal part from one ear to the other. Then I did each part for the flat twists.

  • Then in the rear, I did the loose twists. I did part at a diagonal so that you can't see too many spaces.

To maintain this look, it's best to put a satin scarf on the head at nights. Otherwise, if she sleeps with cotton blankets/pillowcases, the hair will get frizzy. Will your mom put the satin scarf at night? Mine won't. Oh well, there's only so much one can do to save a style LOL.

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