Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Transitioning Hair and Exercise--How To Maintain Your Hair & Your Body!

Transitioning Hair and Exercise Hassle Free
 Transitioning Hair just requires a little creativity. You're working with two totally different textures of hair (as if working with one texture wasn't tricky enough). I decided to work with the curly texture of my hair. Because exercising and sweat would defeat any straight hair styling that I could have done.
Perm Rod Rollers Turn Straight to Curly
 That lead me to thinking.....perm rod rollers (aka cold wave rollers) do a real good job of creating tight frizz free curls that hold for a long time. But you say, "I don't have time to be putting all kinds of rollers on my head 5 times a week"! Well, this ain't that kind of party. I deal with quick, trouble free styling. So here's what I did:

Blended Curls Work Together For Texture
 1) Fifteen minutes prior to my workout, I braided my hair up into 9 to 12 braids (depending on the thickness of your hair and how long thicker braids will take to dry). At this time, pre-poo with oils or conditioner.Yeah, you get the benefit of a pre-poo too!!!
Do Ponytails, Buns, Anything You Want

2) Next, go and work out.

3) KEEPING THE BRAIDS IN....go take a shower. At this time, you can opt to wash with diluted shampoo in a bottle (this will really get to the roots). Diluted, and one that is moisturized, that will yield the best results for a clean palate of hair to style on.Or you can opt to co-wash or just rinse.

4) Condition your braided hair and rinse.

 5) Out of the shower, use a microfiber towel or t-shirt to remove extra water. Spend about 5 minutes squeezing each braid to absorb the water from the braids.

6) Moisturize each braid (do not make it too wet).
 7) Put 1 perm rod roller on the end of each braid (rolling up all of the relaxed hairs onto the natural hair slightly. You can use rolling papers if need be (but I didn't do that most of the time). DO NOT COMB YOUR RELAXED ENDS (even though they came undone). THIS IS A LOW MANIPULATION STYLING TO AVOID BREAKAGE.


9) In the Morning, remove the perm rod rollers, and carefully undo the braids. Styling and positioning as you undo each braid. Your relaxed ends should be really curly, and your natural roots should be braid out wavy.

10) Now you have a texture with which to Style as desired.

Work With Transitioning Hair to Achieve a Texture Easily Styled

I transitioned for 15 months, and during that time I worked out 5 times a week. I sweat a lot, so I had no option but to wash my hair basically after every workout. Some way, some how I was still able to keep a hairstyle each time. The video below is a step by step tutorial.


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  1. Hi, In step 6 you it says to moisturize braids, what do I moisturize them with??

    1. LOL! Hey Sahirah! Use whatever you love to use to moisturize your hair. I don't usually recommend specific products, but I love to share what I use! Probably don't want to use a butter (or something thick like that) because it may not dry overnight. Use something lightweight (like the knot today or Giovanni Direct leave in. Don't use too much, so it can have a chance to dry overnight. HTH --tia

  2. God bless you for this post lol...it turned out soooo cute and was so quick to do although those perm rod rollers were not comfortable to sleep in lol.

  3. Thank You Doll! That was definitely my favorite styling during transition. I'm inspired to do it one of these days thanks to your message.