Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jane Carter Nourish & Shine REVIEW

  Jane Carter Solution all Natural Nourish & Shine                                                                                                     
$16.20 - 4 oz
Product Claims:
Nourish & Shine is made from all natural ingredients. Use a small amount to add shine to hair, to nourish and repair dry hair. It's great on dry skin. It will repair, soften and keep skin moist and supple.

My review:
I used this butter like substance on damp hair to prepare for a braid out. The oils and butters applied easily and quickly. My styles always come out soft and defined with this product. It also provided a nice sheen/shine. The smell is on the side of "perfume", and it's a smell that I definitely like. This is a staple product for me whenever my hair is fresh washed and I want shine and define. It doesn't hurt that everything is all natural. I didn't "touch up" with this product. A little goes a long way, and I didn't need to add anything but water during the week to moisturize my hair. Even though it seems costly (can range up to $22.00 for 4ounces), the fact it can be used sparingly kind of counters this issue. I will purchase again!
**Note:  This product can be used on wet or dry hair. And it's a plus that it can be used on skin as well as hair!
Who May Enjoy Use of This Product?
Transitioners that are looking for a product to help soften their new growth,  maintain moisture balance, naturals that are looking for more of a natural alternative to their product stash. 
Product Ingredients: 
All Natural Butters, Pure Essential Oils, Vitamins A, D, & E


  1. Jane Carter Nourish and Shine is one of my all time favorite products. I love it so much that I really don't mind the price!

  2. @Sharonda! I will be buying this product again! I don't have to use much, so it'll probably last a long time. Thanks for the message ;o)