Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weight Loss and Your Mind: Get Your Mind Right & Lose the Pounds

Always those "last 5 pounds" are the most difficult to lose!

I'm not talking about hypnosis...although the idea is not a bad one. I was jogging through a very scenic park the other day, in an effort to get my cardio in. I do plenty of cardio weekly in an effort to burn calories and in turn lose weight. 

There are a few tips for positioning your mind for weight loss success. I'm gonna share a few with you.

  • Accept yourself right now. Your body is great where you are at right now. You're just working towards a goal. But you've gotta feel comfortable with whatever the scale says you weigh RIGHT NOW. You've gotta be comfortable with your body shape/size RIGHT NOW. If you're comfortable with your body at the start of your healthy weight journey, then you won't be daunted by the task you are taking on. It won't cross your mind.

A few ways to do this: Get a few new pieces of clothes that flatter your size/shape. Take some tips from magazines on what will work well for you. Don't buy too many're not going to stay that size for long. Don't try to fit clothing that will upset you because it's tight right now. In a few weeks it won't be tight anymore.

  • During your workout, remember to FEEL your body. Feel your muscles as you stretch. Feel them doing their job while they firm up. While you jog, feel the burn in your stomach, as the fat is being burned off. Don't forget to BREATHE. Inhale as full as possible, and exhale slowly. Smell the air (if you are working out while outside). Look at the sky while you are jogging. Look at the birds, the clouds. This will help take your mind off of the fact that you are "exercising". 

  • Take 5 minutes to meditate before you begin your exercise. It could be while you are stretching out.

  • I don't believe in "no pain no gain". If you begin your workouts and you are experiencing pain or discomfort, that can and will turn you off of your next workout day. Have a pleasant workout. Just keep moving. Whether you run, jog, walk, bike, etc...just do it consistently. I've come to find that I need a minimum of 5 times a week with cardio exercises. You will only be consistent with it if you enjoy it. It will then become a lifestyle, and not a workout. 

I love burning calories while outside just having fun!
  • Try to exercise outside (even if you have a gym membership). Just running around outside and chasing the kid or riding your bike up to the local store can seem like an adventure, not a chore. Make it fun!

I know, I've heard this all before. But most likely you've never really considered that to FEEL, SEE, BREATHE, is a necessary part of a exercise regimen. Ever heard the saying, "if you love what you do, then it won't seem like work"? Get your mind right and you will see results.

Of course, exercise coupled with the proper eating habits will produce results more quickly. Before beginning any exercise regimen, you may need to consult your physician.


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