Friday, August 31, 2012

COILY HAIR DON'T CARE: A Curly Girl's Love Affair

Wear Your Coils: We Love You Coily Girl!

Lovin Her Coils: Baby Bear

I saw 3 curly girls yesterday. These 3 beauties consisted of mother and 2 daughters. I could tell they had mastered their curls, and didn't have the interruption of chemical procedures at all. During that time, they got a jump on me in their curly education. CURLY EDUCATION? What the WHAT???

While I was learning how to break off my relaxed/chemically processed hair, they were learning how to love their curls. Over the last 2 years, I have been learning how to love my curls. 

  • You can not treat curls the same way you treat relaxed hair. 
  • Look at curls as THE PREMIER "day to day" texture. Heated styles: OCCASIONAL
  • Wear your coils with pride--be comfortable with them.
  • Learn what your curls love; they will love you back.
  • Accepting that most of us have different coil types/patterns--love what you've got.
  • Learn how to style your coils. Coils are a texture, styling is an additional effort.
Most of us are in the same boat. We are learning something totally foreign to us: How to Care for Coily Hair. Most curly girls from other cultures have learned from tender toddler ages how to treat their hair. Some of us are just learning how to care for our hair in our 20's, 30's, 40's, and on up. That's okay. The psychology behind the need to learn about your coils, is to first accept. Not accept in the way of "this is what I have, so I'm going to deal with it". No. ACCEPT in the way of: "I love what my hair does when I do this to it". Just have a love affair with your hair. The knowledge that it's YOURS, and it's just as beautiful as you are (inside and out).

When you've done this, you will radiate true and real beauty. Your self confidence will trump any hairstyle you could ever dream of. 

With this post, I leave you with a thought: Are you ready to be untamed? Are you ready to wear your coils with confidence. From the Desk of How to Care for Coily Hair: September is "Free Spirit" Month.

Show us your "Free Spirit". 

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