Monday, August 20, 2012

Cornbraid Fro Hawk Styling Featuring Two Strand Twists!

Elegant & Stylishly Daring Corn Row Hairstyling

The thing I love about this corn-braided "fro hawk" style is the way that it highlights her facial structure. The way that the cornbraids are directed adds even more to her high cheekbones. I also love the clean cut sides against the contrasting wayward two strand twists. 

It is a GREAT Low Manipulation Hair Style
It can be turned into an Excellent Protective Hair Style (tucking ends under)
It is easily Moisturized
It holds Moisture Well
It is Versatile 

This style was so versatile that she was able to wear it into the office by putting the back and crown into a chignon and leaving the front down. She opted to pin the bangs to the side on occasion. 
Two Strand Twists & Cornbraids for a "Fro Hawk" Style

  • The hair was sectioned off at each side. The middle section was a vertical rectangle (that's the section that was made into the loose two strand twists. 
  • I made sure to use clamps and securely put away each section, as I'm not a strong corn-braider (?), and didn't need the added drama of getting hairs from one section into another.
  • How I decided which direction to angle the parts of my cornbraid was just by looking. I already had an idea of the direction I wanted the sides to branch out to. I can pretty much do any style that I see on paper. It just takes me a while to do the parting (the parts are the hardest thing about this style).
  • All in all, this style took me about 3 1/2 hours to complete (with food break in between). It lasted about 2 weeks with proper care/maintenance at night. She used a spray bottle of Eden Body Works and water with some avocado oil daily for moisture (on the two strand twists).
If you're interested in doing this style and would like information on techniques for two strand twists (on fine, natural hair), check out our blog post:

How About YOU? Have You Tried a Cornbraided Style Yet?


What is the difference between Corn Braiding or Corn Rows?

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