Friday, August 10, 2012

Longer Length Hair with Box Braids & CornBraids Low Manipulation Styling

Box Braids & Cornbraids Low Manipulation Styling

What can be said about a bunch of box braids and a few cornbraids for accent? Yeah, this style took me about 1 hour to complete because I decided to make my braids smaller than I should have. BUT (Hahaha), I wore this style for about 8 days. On the final leg of the style, I opened up the back and wore the braidout with the cornbraid detailing.

Products used: Eden Body Works Hair Milk

 Versatile still, because I could put it in a ponytail, a banana clip, a bun or whatever. I made sure to finish off the braid with a twist at the end (starting at about 2'' from the end). This makes it easier to close off the ends, and makes the take-down easier. I had fun with this style. This is a great option for when hair gets longer, and styling frustrations start to set in. It gives a nice little break, while resting the hair/ends. Low manipulation styling all the way BABY....

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  1. hello, stumbled upon your blog recently and I must say these braids look beautiful. am currently 'transitioning' (well trying to anyway), so all that good advice is appreciated... thanks

    1. Thanks Beautiful :o) Congratulations on your transitioning, you can do it. We appreciate you. --tia

  2. Oh my goodness! You make that style look gorgeous! Love it