Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Lazy Way Box Braids: Official Coily Girl Demo

 Start with cleansed, conditioned, stretched hair. This hair was stretched and air-dried first by using 4 plaits. I let them air dry for about 1 hour while I folded some laundry.

Next, each of the 4 plaits were undone and then made into about 4 plaits, totaling approximately 12 to 15 total stretched out plaits. Doing this on air dried hair elongated the coils--resulting in more length to start her box braids with.

While plaiting smaller to stretch, I lightly moisturized her hair with the Eden Body Works Hair Milk. It's a great, creamy leave in product with lots of oils. Taking one of the 15 plaits, I made even smaller box braids, which stretched the hair out even longer. These are the box braids that she will wear this week. I can guess that 

I did approximately 60 box braids throughout the entire head. 

  Why I call this a lazy way box braids is simply because I stop halfway down the hair shaft. Her hair measures over 19'' in length. Doing her box braids as small and as many as I planned to, would take longer than the 1.5 hours that this took. Probably just double the time. I think this process saved me about 1 hour.

After doing a section with 1/2 of the hair shaft left loose, I gathered it into a section and dampened it with water before braiding the whole loose section into 1 plait. I continued his process until I had about 5 or 6 sections with the loose ends placed into a big plait (as shown above).


Water Only Provides Extreme Definition on Coily Hair

Some things to note about this process:

  •  Keep the loose hair moisturized. It is important that the hair from root to ends stay moisturized, but it is especially important to keep the ends moisturized, since they are left loose. Loose hair tends to get dry quicker. I USE WATER TO RE-MOISTURIZE (EVERY NIGHT). The water re-activates the leave in that I used on wash day. The leave in that was used is full of oils (allowing me to skip the sealing with oil step).
  • Nightly, moisturize and re-plait the loose ends. It takes me about 10 minutes or less to re-plait her loose hair into about 6 plaits. Satin Scarf or Pillowcase will help keep the frizzies away.
  • This style lasts longer than your average braid out. Her hair gets frizzy quickly because it is fine hair. We plan to re-braid the hairline only after co-washing her hair this weekend. We're going to use this styling for another week.
Braidout and Box Braids: Coily Hair

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