Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Exercise & Fitness With Coily Hair: Tips & Tricks


I vaguely recall the issue of relaxed hair and water. It was a big NO NO! Sucked, because I have a pool. I waited until the weekend to swim. I waited until the weekend to sweat. That only gives me 2 days (which narrowed down to 1 day--not even consistently). That doesn't play well on the body. That spells out a sedentary life.

Now I know better. Even if I was relaxed, I would incorporate wash n go's in there somewhere. That would work best if I only tex-laxed (not relaxed bone straight). I would recommend that to everyone considering to relax their hair. 

How this relates to my unprocessed hair is as follows: For my workout schedule (5x week) of intense cardio that brings with it much sweat, the following is noted:

I love to wear two strand twists (big or small). They allow me to wet my hair as needed. I just don't add any shampoo to it. I co-wash as needed. Problem solved. I can stretch my hair in the evening, and wear it down or bunned or whatever in the morning. 

Braids are a Great Long Lasting Texture for Exercise
When I'm not in 2 strand twists, I can wear my hair loose, and not be afraid to wet it. EVER. Keeping my hair well conditioned allows me the freedom to wet my hair as I please, and not be concerned about dry/tangled/ashy looking hair. Quick textures for loose hair that has been sweat up:

  • Braidout
  • Twistout
  • Bunned up
  • Plus More to be discovered!
If you're wearing a wash n go, just pin up your hair (LOOSELY) with a big scrunchy, so as not to disturb (stretch) the coil pattern. Wear a headband to catch the sweat. If you don't plan to rinse the hair, this style can be preserved. 

Moisturized  Braidout Resilience after a WORKOUT

Whatever your hair styling choice, do know that the health and strength of your body trumps all of the hairstyles in the world. I have deemed two strand twists to be my official workout hair texture. It's easily co-washed or rinsed, and then styled. Braids are great too! A quick on-the-go styling is what is needed for freedom to get healthy.

Shorter length hair may pose some creativity. Most importantly, again, well conditioned hair can overcome most styling woe's due to it's elasticity, shine, curl definition, style compliance, and I can go on. Moisture, moisture, moisture. I'm not speaking of leave-in's per se. Proper, effective deep conditioning is a "must". I deep condition weekly for all week effective styling assistance.

Just a quick rave about a topic well deserved.

As Aways,

Stay Beautiful Dahlin'                      ------------tia


  1. I don't see how you can wash and deep condition your minitwist without having a super tangly takedown.

  2. Co-wash (no drying shampoo). I notice a big difference when I washed my loose hair with shampoo, vs co-wash with conditioner. My hair with shampoo immediately "ceases up". It became tangly right away. Dry as well. During a co-wash, my hair stays loose, doesn't tangle and stays moisturized. Try with loose hair first and see what conditioner product will discourage knotting or tangling, then try to use only that product while you wear your twists. Another thing I do that I think helps is a deep conditioner b4 doing my twists (the serious mayo/honey/avocado/olive oil one). That's some serious oils, which also discourage tangling.