Sunday, February 3, 2013

Keeping the Length: Interview with an Angel

I SEE YOU JESSICA. This Youtube vlogger caught my eye one day. Not only is she Beautiful inside and out, but her hair is Happy. From what I've seen, Jessica has a firm grasp on healthy hair care. Taking the time to get to know what her coily hair responds to, Jessica has created a regimen that is tailor-made for this coily girl's needs. Isn't that what it's all about? I could go on and on about how amazing Jessica is or you could just look at her pictures and read some more....


[AR] How long have you been "Natural"
[Jessica]     I have been natural for two years and I did the big chop in October 2010

[AR] Why did you Stop Relaxing Your Hair?
[Jessica]     I decided to go natural after seeing how beautiful my cousin's hair was, plus I always loved curly hair and wanted the texture I had before I was relaxed. Going natural was another chance for me to live a healthier life. I am big on organic and natural, so having natural hair and watching the ingredients I put in my hair was right on point for me.

[AR]      Tell Us About Your Ringlets: [PRODUCT SELECTION ASSISTANCE]
  1. My coils are straw shaped curls mixed with a few other shapes. They are really defined in the bottom half of my hair, the back and the left side in the front.
  2.   My hair is medium thickness.
  3. My hair hold moisture pretty well and it dries fast to average with no product
  4. I have anywhere from 50-75% shrinkage, it depends on how well moisturized it is.   
[AR]  Did you figure out which main ingredients or products your hair likes?
[Jessica]   My hair loves aloe vera juice, my shea butter mixture, flax seed gel mixture, coconut oil and the lighter oils like sweet almond oil.

[AR] What's the story with you and HEAT (flat irons, blow dryer, etc.)?  
[Jessica] During my first year of being natural I did not use a blow dryer or flat iron because I wanted the experience of learning my hair's needs. I rarely straighten my hair, but when I do it is not more than twice a year. I prefer to air dry my hair to protect it from heat damage and to save time on my hair J

[AR] Do you use shampoo? 
[Jessica] I do use shampoo usually every week or every two weeks. When I have mini braids or twists in I will go without washing my hair for four weeks and the same is for when I straighten my hair.

[AR]  What did people say about your transition from relaxed to natural?
[Jessica] I had so many different reactions! Some people were shocked that I chopped all my hair off, some people were not feeling my new look while others loved it. My husband was very supportive through the whole process and even cut the back of my hair for me! He is still extremely supportive and he can probably tell you a thing or two about natural hair lol.

[AR] What are they saying now about your coily hair?
[Jessica] I currently receive a lot of compliments and questions about my hair, so much that I started a blog, Fb page, and YouTube channel to share what I have learned and my journey. I have also began building my own business which will entail Natural hair Consulting to help other ladies take care of their hair as well.

[AR] If you could only choose 3 items to carry with you on a trip (for your hair styling/maintain), what would those 3 products or ingredients be?
[Jessica] Coconut oil, conditioner, my herbal spray that I make....The herbal spray would serve as a source of moisture and other benefits, the coconut oil would penetrate and seal the moisture and my conditioner will cleanse and moisturize so I am good to go!

Having a regime that meets your hair needs is the key to having healthy hair and retaining length. For me I knew that having the right moisture balance is vital to the health and length of my hair. I prefer protective styles to save time and also to keep myself out of my hair, plus most of the time I am so busy and I do not have time to style my hair on a daily basis. Going natural was the best decision for me, I learned to embrace myself even more and I began on a journey of self growth as well.

MESSAGE FROM JESSICA: Stay connected with me on social media....I have several projects coming up dealing with natural hair, skin care, makeup, social events and a website plus I love to meet new people J

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  1. That was a really good read, her twist are beautiful! I love seeing that our newly naturals are quickly understanding how to take care of their hair!