Thursday, August 22, 2013

How Your Hair Goals Will Guide Your Life Goals: The Coily Hair Edition

A little over 4 years ago, I started my 15 month transition from chemically processed (relaxed) to chemical free (natural) hair. Prompted this change by a frustrating head of tired, dull, breaking hair that never grew past the top of my shoulders. I couldn't understand why 10 years had passed without any major hair cuts, and my hair wouldn't get as long as I wanted it to. After looking at my daughter's hair (T), and my hair, I decided that a change was coming.

Four Years Hair Growth: Gathered Info on Coily Hair Care
Does that sound familiar to you? Are you transitioning, or did you transition to natural out of the same frustration? The need for a change in the outcome will typically require a change in the behaviors. Now, I could have gone another route and treat my relaxed hair differently, but my goal included a cleaner, greener solution. I was in the process of eliminating toxic products from my beauty regimen, and that included the hair relaxer.

BEHAVIOR CHANGED: Eliminate the relaxer. OUTCOME: Growth of coily hair in it's natural state.

Now, that was only the beginning. I had to learn how to take care of coily hair (hence the name of this site). I had to understand that I didn't know how to care for coily hair. I only knew how to deal with straight hair, and I wasn't even doing THAT properly. Taking baby steps, I educated myself by watching YouTube Videos, and reading blogs. I also enjoyed experimenting with products/techniques and learning what outcomes to expect. As a result, I learned a lot of information in a short period of time.

HOW THIS RELATES TO LIFE GOALS: Whatever passions or career plans, or goals set, the behaviors that I take with my hair goals translate well into goals that I set in life. If my plans are to begin saving money, then it would benefit me to begin with changing behaviors that are hindering me from achieving that specific goal (for example: review my spending, no more impulse buying, creating a budget on paper, paying myself as if I were a bill due). Those are just a few examples. Once those behaviors have been changed, then educating myself and experimenting with different techniques will put me in the direction of my goal.


Patience. There, I said it. I keep sharing that will all of the beauties that leave comments on my YouTube channel in regards to hair length. Just enjoy the stage or length that your hair is in now. The health and length will follow. That's true in any life goal. If you have $25.00 in the bank now, be happy about that $25.00. That's $25.00 more than you had when you started your savings. After 1 month of depositing $25.00 a week, you will have $100.00 in savings. If it wasn't for that $25.00 weekly goal, then the $100.00 savings would never happen. Live in the now, and enjoy the heck out of it.

Consistency. Changes will not work if they are not practiced consistently. If you start saving the $25.00 but you are not depositing it consistently, then the outcome will not be as effective. If you are caring for your hair 1 week, but 2 weeks later damage it by ripping it out with combs and brushes out of frustration, then whatever health/length progress you made, will be lost.

Set Reasonable Goals. If you decide to save $100.00 a week, and your income/budget can not support that goal, then it will not happen. The first week, you may save $100.00, but after that, it may not happen. And worse yet--you may have to withdraw some money to cover the excess that you deposited the week before. When you educate about how to save, and plan a budget, that comfortable dollar amount will be decided at that time. Same thing goes with hair care. Setting reasonable goals about how to take care of hair will ensure that the goals are met. If I decide that I am going to deep condition, steam treat, do micro two strand twists on weekly basis, and I get burned out in the first week, then problems will strike. I will probably end up ripping out the two strand twists in my frustration, which means that I will probably not want to take the time to put back in the two strand twists for week 2. Set reasonable goals for hair care. Things that will not take too much time (if you plan to do them regularly).

Making it Your PASSION.
Think back to when you first began your transition from relaxed to natural. You couldn't read enough information or watch enough videos. Learning how to transition was fun. Learning about how to care for naturally curly hair was fun. Countless hours spent on YouTube added fun to your day. That's Passion. As they say, if you work doing what you love, then you will never work a day in your life. How can you be passionate about saving money? Maybe by being passionate about what the end result will bring you. If the goal is to ultimately save $5,000.00, then knowing that you will do that at the end of approximately 4 years (of saving $25.00 a week CONSISTENTLY) can become the passion. That passion will fuel the behaviors (depositing). Think about 4 years ago, how nice it would be to have saved $5,000. Think of how many $25.00 deposits were wasted. This thinking correlates to hair goals as well. The passion for most of us is healthy, lengthy hair. Hair grows approximately 1/2'' per month (for most). That translates to about 6'' a year. Four years of healthy growth would give about 24'' of length. That's about mid back length hair! Passion will be the key to fueling the drive towards your goal!

These are just some of the life changes that I have implemented that were brought to light by my hair care. You see, I was so intrigued by my coils and the "newness" of them, that I was dedicated enough to make these changes, set goals, and be consistent with them. From the messages that I get, I know that most of us (transitioning and natural alike) have changed our hair care behaviors. The parallel between both forms of goals was so vivid, that I thought it would be fun to compare notes with you beauties.
Four Years Consistent Hair Care. Reasonable Goals Set

As Always, Stay Beautiful.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Love Tia


  1. Tia, this is a really good post. Can I feature it on my blog?

    1. Thanks! For sure. Just link back to us! :o)

  2. This is such a great post Tia! It's funny I often think of the parallels of my Natural hair journey and other life's goals. I often share with women what it takes to get the hair they want and you are right Patience and Consistency is the Key and sometimes I wonder why I can transfer that over to other areas that I "say" I want to see progress in! But it's very true it all works the same! Your 4 year length progress is awesome!

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  3. Your hair is absolutely amazing!! I love your blog..please keep the posts coming. You have truly helped me through my transition.

  4. Wow your hair is gorgeous! I started wonder where you were and decided to check your blog to see if you have made new post.I'm so glad you did!