Tuesday, May 13, 2014

THE Curly Braidout: How to Get a Different Texture From Your Wash N Go

Hey Babies,

(left) Wash N Go: Less Volume    (right) Wash N Go: VOLUME
Hope your day is going well. Quick post to share what I've been doing with my wash n go's. The Spring/Summer seasons prompt lots of wash and curl definition types of styling.

Both T and I love to maintain moisture levels by cleansing (with a non drying cleanser), moisturizing, and defining coils with products. If you don't know how to ensure a moisturized, and long lasting wash n go, check out this post that has literally guaranteed our wash n go success.

I previously posted how I love to braid my hair when the curls have been defined. That creates volume, adds length, and can change the whole direction of how the hair will frame my face.

T hasn't tried this method as of yet. Notice how her wash-n- go lays flat (which is a wonderful option also LOL), and mine show massive volume. All she'd have to do to add the volume (if she so wanted) is to braid up her wash n go at night, and release in the morning...Voila!

I had some pictures of this cause and effect texture--wanted to show you guys that I get consistent results with this method. If ever you are heading somewhere and you need volume for your curls--this is definitely the ticket.

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  2. I have followed since I started transitioning about 2.5 years ago (chopped last spring). Im happy to find your blog and see you still post here as Ive watched all your videos lol. Anyhoo, can you tell me how you braid the wash and go up at night? Is this done on wet or dry hair and about how many braids? Once its stretched and it just be pineappled at night or do you rebraid each night? Thanks for all the help you offer!

  3. Hey Lesliemostly, thanks for the love--we appreciate it! About this technique--the most important thing is that the curls are well moisturized and properly defined. Once your curls are dry (def by day 2), then you can spritz it with a bit of water at night, and do about 4-5 braids.I find that once it's moisturized, then the definition will last longer. May not have to re-braid after that, can just secure it with a satin scarf and fluff in the morning. Low maintenance texture. Let me know if you get to try it.