Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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In an effort to organize everything in my life---I am making this page to help find information easier! No need to hope and wish about it, I will just update this page as more information on transitioning has been posted.

Transitioning Hair (Tips & Tricks)
How to Lay Down Your Hairline/Edges
5 Straight Up Tips For Transitioning
How to Take a Break From Transitioning Woes 
Transitioning Hair and Exercise Styling Trick 
What We Learned About Long Term Transitioning

Curly Hair Styling & Care
T's Method For Defining Curly Hair with Eco Styler Gel
Coily Hair Using the Tightly Curly Method
Quick Coil Defining Method Step By Step 
Ten Things To Love About Wash N Go's 
Overview of How to Wear Your Coily Hair 
A Quick "Pre Poo" and How that Can Help Your Curls POP!

Detangling Natural Hair
Quick Tips For Detangling Natural Hair After Long Term Styling

Length Retention 
How to Use Two Strand Twists To Grow Long Hair
How You Detangle Will Determine If You Will Grow Your Hair Long 
Steps to Take to Keep Your Length
My Low Manipulation Styling & Regimen

Journey to YOU (oh, you will want to check this often for new updates)!
What Happens When You Accept Your Natural Hair
Consistent Actions For Consistent Results: Exercise, Hair Care, Etc)
Transitioning From Relaxed to Natural Without Support
Losing Weight: Is Your Mind Ready?
My Experience Wearing A Blow Out "As Is"

Aloe Vera & Your BEST Braidout
Ultra Defined Braidout on Loose Textured Hair (T's)

How to Get a Lengthy, Stretched Twistout

FINE HAIR: From Flat Ironed Straight Back to Coily

Fro Hawk Styling With Two Strand Twists
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Bantu Knot on Two Strand Twists
Tips and Tricks to Doing Two Strand Twists on Natural Hair
Wearing and Styling Big Sized Two Strand Twists

Flat Twists and Two Strand Twist Quick Styling Idea

(Dimple's) Hair Regimen

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